Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ring-aling-aling - it's for you!

  My 1931 bungalow has a little shelf in the corner of the hallway for a telephone.  Directly underneath is a small vented cabinet that used to hold the telephone workings.  I've never done anything special to it and the jack for a phone had been removed before I moved in.  A few years ago, I picked up a cute vintage reproduction phone and recently plopped it on the shelf, just for looks.  When some friends came by for lunch a couple of weeks ago, one asked if the old phone actually worked and I had to say no.   Giving it some thought, I picked up a double connector at Home Depot and headed down to the basement where I was able to connect it into the existing line and voila!  I now have a working phone in the hallway again.

The oil paintings hanging above the phone shelf are of my parents, painted by my mother's cousin many years ago.